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: 13 lut 2018, 16:33
autor: SunRiver

SLS experts at Finnovation Product Development routinely break production records for customers by delivering prototype and end-use parts more than 80% faster and at 10% of the cost of traditionally produced parts. With no wait for tooling and no Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), using SLS materials that match or surpass injection-molding quality for customers, Finnovation has increased its top line revenue by a factor of 10 in a single year.

Join this webinar to understand how Finnovation delivers quality parts, daily, to its customers. Find out how new SLS materials and 3D printers can transform your business models, reducing costs of operation, and building top line revenue through faster part time to market and time to profit.

During this webinar you can learn:

• Considerations for choosing the right 3D printer and materials to positively impact your business
• Why having a large choice of materials is critical to fulfilling applications and parts that precisely meet your needs
• How choosing the right 3D printing partner can benefit your production process

Learn from our 3D Printing production experts and participate in live Q&A.

Register today and receive a free copy of our new Selective Laser Sintering eBook to learn more.


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